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I have been mesmerized by tile from an early age visiting Latin America and other places where tradional classic styles are still intact. Tile's majestic, stoic timeless quality has always fascinated me. I first was introduced to the art of tile installation as an adolescent when a close college friend of my father's remodeled our bathrooms and kitchen. Dennis was also a oil painter along with having obviously spent extensive time in the trades to support his family and his real passion which is oil painting. I was struck by his ability to utilize his artistic passion in a very real hands on application within peoples' personal environments.

Out of high school I wanted to learn a trade while I pursued my other passions of music, photography, and ceramic work. I started out apprenticing with a commercial company in Boise, ID and when I later decided to move to Colorado, took a job in the warehouse at a local distributor where I gained knowledge of the different tile materials used and there applications in different environments.

I later connected with a Boulder tile contractor working primarily in custom homes and apprenticed further mixing mud for shower pans, waterproofing, cutting, and preping for tile applications. I hence gained the experience and knowledge from the long lasting durability of commercial applications and the quality attention to detail of custom projects in the early years of my adulthood. I also spent years working under master setters before ever taking on any installations on my own.

This solid foundation of both experience and knowledge in diverse and versatile aspects of the trade has been the basis of setting myself apart over the years. In 2002 I began taking on side work on weekends for friends and family and when I got laid off from a 5 man crew I had been doing prep, finish work, and small installations for, I simultaneous landed a larger project and decided to go out on my own.

Due to the abundance of custom remodels in the area at the time I was able to more readily continue to curate my skill in an efficient yet creative way. Also, my previous apprentice experience made me easily adaptable to remodeling situation where cleanliness was of utmost importance. By spending years fine tuning the mundane job details I was also able to focus more on the design and esthetic aspects of the business while maintaining attention to individual clients needs and ultimate desires and vision for what they want to accomplish within they're homes and work spaces. My passion for tile and stone only further grew from there! At a certain point in the early 2000s I connected with hardwood flooring installer and began branching out in the flooring field. We also took on a drwaller who wanted to learn about the business and hence became more available to full service entire small remodeling project like bathroom upgrades and additions.

At Dayley Tile, our philosophy has grown to be synonymous with quality, attention to detail, timeliness, efficiency, and overall client satisfaction thru being attentive to individual goals and creative ideals.


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